Anti- Spamming Tutorial

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Anti- Spamming Tutorial

Post  xDareAngeLz on Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:02 pm

The first golden rule to every forum is Never spam rubbish.It is not applicable to spam in the forum as it is a public site.(note: public site means that it is a site where everyone can view, chat and even help each other)

OK, This is where the real talk comes in!

actually are people who want attention, attention seekers.(This is what i think, correct me if i am wrong) And to all the people out there, if you have ever spammed or ever thought of spamming, you better think twice.Spamming is not a wanted attribute of a person. Spammers too never gain respect from other people. Many will just think the spammers are useless young bums. However, Spammers you have a chance to repent.

Talk to spammers:

Spammers you guys actually can be a great help to the forum. You must be think how do i help the forum? Shocked

1) You perhaps can answer people's question properly when they are in need.These people whom you have helped, I am sure will totally be grateful to you.

2) When you are thinking of spamming, Give yourself a slap on the face and think twice. You're not helping people but just making a nuisance of yourself.

3)Put yourself in other people's shoes, I am very sure that you do not want that to befall upon yourself, so to let both parties benefit, try to pm(private message) someone.

4.)Spamming wastes xDareAngeLz's Bandwidth, if you don't contribute to xDareAngeLz's monthly payment for the site, please do not spam.

5)We don't care about post count alone. If someone has high post count and most of it is spam, we hate him. If someone has high post count with informative posts, we love him. The higher count, the more we hate/love him.

Guys And Girls, I really hope this Talk about anti-spamming has helped you.Spammers, you are also given a chance. Change for the better and start to help people.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you would also take part in my Poll.

Credits: xDareAngeLz for this idea and xDareAngeLz for adding two more inspirational sentences from his stroke of brilliance( I have put in a lot of effort thinking about what should i type in this topic, i Hope you guys would not just copy my tut and paste it somewhere else.)

Use your time wisely and think before you post

NOTE: Mods and Admin, I hope this post has helped the forum.

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