[RULES]Hacker Reports

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[RULES]Hacker Reports

Post  xDareAngeLz on Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:20 pm


You MUST do the following:

* Follow all of the General Naruto Entertainment Rules
* Place a [Hacker] Tag on your Hacker Report to indicate you have read the rules.
* You MUST include at least one in-game screenshot of the hacker.
*This does not mean that you just link to a screenshot, it means implement it, so it's directly viewable.

You MUST NOT do the following:

* Double Post (or more)
* Request to be staff on a Server (Use this thread instead)
* Bug moderators via personal message and/or visitor messages about accepting your thread.
* Polls must not be placed on a thread at all.
* Make more than one thread for your report.

Follow this rules.If you FAIL to heed this rules,Moderators or Owners will decide to infract you or ban you.

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