General Rules and Information

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General Rules and Information

Post  xDareAngeLz on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:45 pm

All forum rules apply to this section.

1. Spam:

Spam and you get warned. Spam again and it's a ban.

2. Releases:

Dangerous files will be deleted and you will get banned.

3. No begging:

Or you will get warned for your stupidity.

4. Scan All Files:

This isn't really a rule but more of a warning. If a program is posted ALWAYS scan it even if you think it's safe. Below is a list of websites which can perform the scans.


Linking to any 3rd party sites, other than the gunz website, will earn you a warning.

Anti-Cheat Programs:

I-Gunz: X-Trap
NA Gunz: GameGuard

NA Gunz:

I-Gunz: <- Best Link
NA Gunz(Ijji)

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